Patient Testimonials

"I first visited Cedar Male Medical to see if there was any new ED treatment options, as like most guys, I had been depending on the Little Blue Pill for quite some time now. Like most middle-aged guys, I have had performance issues for quite a while now and I have begun experiencing lesser and lesser results. Dr. Witte has been such a great help, by not only treating the specific issue, but also by treating my entire body. I now feel 20+ years younger and can now perform sexually better than when I was 25 years younger! Don't believe me? Feel free to ask my new girlfriend, she's 20 years younger than me - Thank You Dr. Witte!"

John K. (Vancouver, BC Canada)

"I will try not to overstate this, but DR. WITTE COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE!!! Before starting treatment, it was all I could do to make it through the workday, then go home and crash on the couch. I wanted to work out, but just didn't have the energy. [Now, 2 months later] I am working out about 5 to 6 days a week, and my libido is like that of an Italian (HIGH). I'm very excited to see what an entire year of treatment does for my body, my confidence, and my spirit. I can't thank Dr. Witte enough for introducing me to a better version of myself."

Michael W. (Greater Seattle Area)

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