Testosterone Replacement Therapy

About BHRT

Aging is inevitable and can be a scary prospect. In addition to the general stress and pains of growing old, we go through a number of physical and mental changes. For most men, they will have to face the symptoms of a condition know as andropause, also called Low T.

Many age-related issues are the result of hormonal imbalance. Your body has many glands that produce hormones and together they make up the endocrine system. For men, the testes produce the crucial hormone testosterone, but often this is not the only hormone men have that is out of balance. At Cedar Male Medical, we evaluate additional hormones that can be problematic like estrogen, DHT, thyroid and progesterone just to name a few. Any of these hormones, either excess or deficient levels can wreak havoc on your body and cause tremendous symptoms and patient suffering.

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

BHRT is a way to slow damage to the body, improve your body's ability to repair and balance your hormones and bring symptom relief. This therapy uses chemically and biologically identical hormones making BHRT a better choice than conventional synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

We have options to fit you

The natural hormones used in BHRT can be administered with a number of delivery methods. They include:

  • BioTE Pellets
  • Injections
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Pills (not recommended by physicians at Cedar Male Medical)
  • Skin patches (not recommended by physicians at Cedar Male Medical)

Goals of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As hormone levels come into more normal ranges and are in balanced, patients will begin to have symptom relief. This is the goal - to feel better with better quality of life and to live passionately again!

Cedar Male Medical clinic is dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals and will find a personalized solution for you. Call us, or schedule your appointment today to find out how you can live passionately again!

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